Below are some examples of software solutions that I have personally designed and implemented. These are mixture of software solutions that are in use by a company and those that have been created for my own ends as part of my BSc (Hons)Computer Science degree. Click on any of the screenshots below to look at an enlarged view. 

  This first solution in my portfolio was designed for use within the IT Department of a company that I have previously worked for. The main features of the system was that it allowed the IT staff to log new support calls that came in, search previous calls, update asset and support calls, and also the ability to produce statistical reports such as a report that details the total number of support calls logged by each member of staff. The main technology employed here was Microsoft Access 97. 

 This second solution that I have selected for my portfolio is an web application that is designed for use on corporate intranet. The main functionality offered by the application is that it allows the users to directly log their own support requests, the ability to update existing calls, to search previous calls, the ability to generate statistical reports and integrated security through the use of sessions. The main technologies used to implement this application where ASP, VB Script, OLE-DB, ADO, Personal Web Server 4.0 and Access 2000. The design methodology used to design the layout was the   GUIDE methodology which was derived from research carried out in the area of Computer Science known as  Human Computer Interaction.

 The third solution in my portfolio is the website that I created for a company that I have previously worked for. It was designed to be a corporate presence for the company. To provide information about the company such as, the history of the company, the products and services offered, contact details such as the postal address and the relevant telephone numbers. It also allows visitors to the site give feedback.